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Interfaith Explorer CD

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Friends Gift Pack: Five Interfaith CDs: Perfect Bible Study Gifts!

Baby Boomer Bible Browser
An elegant, simple, large text/button program.
Only 10 buttons with video help.
Teen Bible Browser
A 'cool' and 'stylish' Bible study software for teens just getting into the Bible.
Great Gift CD!

Holy Land Photo Packs: Taken in 2005, these high resolution photos cover many of locations and events of the Ministry of Jesus. Each CD contains over 50 images suitable for printing, newsletters or web sites.

Photo Pack 1: Beatitudes, Kursi, St Peter's Church Galilee 

Photo Pack 2: Beatitudes, Caphurnuam, Seven Springs

Photo Pack 3: Bethsaida, Caphurnuam, Cave where Christ retreated to pray, Sermon on the Mount, Sea of Galilee

Photo Pack 4: Church of the Seven Apostles, Yardenit & River Jordan

Photo Pack 5: Korazin, Church of the Seven Apostles, Yardenit & River Jordan

'Beatitudes' in 2005 Slide Show: For your DVD/TV
A CD slide show of images/music from the location in Israel where Jesus revealed the Beatitudes. Pictures taken in 2005. Plays on your TV's DVD player or PC.

City of Religion: Jerusalem Multimedia CD Tour

Christian Music CD: 10 hours of Inspirational Music  
Ace Bible Study CD For Youth: Great for their first independent Bible study  




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