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BibleMax contains loads of Bible translations, Books, Maps, commentaries, references and dictionaries. There are no catches. Everything is free. You can even copy it and give it away!

Why free? BibleMax was created and is constantly improved by professional software engineers in their free time. It's that simple.

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Main Screen

BibleMax is designed around a single main form. Simple to use with everything you need automatically displayed. Commentaries, references, notes and links to maps are all artfully arranged. Of course you can customize the screen layout to better suit your needs.
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Bible Search

Simple and advanced searching is available. From the main screen just type in a search phrase or word to get a complete list of references. Or use the Advanced Search to dig deaper. If you have Internet access the neural-net search server can make suggestions for you to help narrow down what you are looking for.
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Download Bibles, Tools, Maps...

Want more? Add massive amounts of resources. From cutting edge commentaries, to live and historical maps, BibleMax's integrated downloader will add what you want in seconds.
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Topic and Verse Guides

With so much information at your finger tips you need an automated way to organize and view resources available. The Topic Guide and the Verse List tools are indispensible.
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Bible Maps

Live Bible maps let you fly over an area the way it looks today. Historical maps show you the way the area looked originally and Charles Larkin's Charts outline complex topics pictorally.
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Your Content: Note,Lists & Bookmarks

Keep detailed, richly formatted notes on topics of interest, organize custom Verse Lists and track key locations with bookmarks. Your content at your finger tips.
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